European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering - ESCAPE 24 - June 15-18, 2014 - Budapest, Hungary
Friday, 24 November 2017


To place the forum in same heart of Europe provides very good accessibility for all European countries, value for money offering accommodation at various price levels and excellent infrastructure.

The conference will create an aspiring forum where scientific and industrial contributions of computer-aided techniques will be presented with applications in process modelling and simulation, process synthesis and design, operation, and process optimisation.

A challenging task is to broaden the boundaries of Process Systems Engineering inviting contributions at different scales of modelling and demonstrating vertical and horizontal integration. Invited contributions are expected to range from applications at the molecular level to the strategic level of the supply chain and sustainable development.

The conference is going to cover major classical themes, exploring, at the same time, a new range of applications that address the production of renewable forms of energy, environmental footprints and sustainable use of resources and water.

The conference counts on a balanced participation between academia and industry, encouraging attendants from around the world and supporting the international appeal of the ESCAPE conference series.

The conference will accordingly be prepared to entertain an international audience. It will further host critical debates to preview achievements in PSE and discuss missed opportunities. The critical reviews are expected to define the new frontiers and prepare much stronger collaboration between academic institutions and industry.

It will be supplement with pre and post conference workshops, where the PSE technology transfer with advanced methodology and skills is going to be provided for the audience from the industry and the academia.


Prof. Ferenc Friedler
University of Pannonia

Prof. Jirí Klemeš
University of Pannonia

Prof. Péter Mizsey
Budapest University of Technology and Economics