European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering - ESCAPE 24 - June 15-18, 2014 - Budapest, Hungary
Friday, 24 November 2017
Visiting the Egis Science and Technology Centre


(program free of charge) min. 20 participants

Date: 15:30-18:30 on Sunday, 15 June
Buses start from and return to the building of the Academy.

Dear Guests!

We would like to take the opportunity to invite you to take part in a unique tour inside the world of pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing.

Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2013, the centenary year of its foundation, it created the Egis Science and Technology Centre to give professionals and students of natural sciences a deeper insight into the world of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Visitors of this cutting-edge centre can expand their knowledge of how active ingredients and drugs are developed and produced. Through the centre’s interactive multimedia devices and life-size machines, visitors can take a virtual tour at the manufacturing plants of Egis. They can see how injections, tablets and ointments are made and packaged. Egis also reveals the whole process of drug development and in a unique 3D movie visitors can follow the drug’s way from molecule to the patient.

To give you a glimpse of the Egis Science and Technology Centre, we will shortly present you a film that showcases the extraordinary features of the center.

If you would like to visit the Egis Science and Technology Centre, please register in the conference online system under the ’optional programs’ menu.

(Egis offers free transport there and back by private buses)